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The Perfect Angel
The Perfect Angel

Name: Heero Yuy
Meaning of Name: The One and Only in Japanese (Hiiro is more correct)
Status: The pilot of Wing Gundam (01), Wing Zero, and Wing Zero Custom
Age: 15
Place of Origin: L1 colony
Ethnic Origin: Japanese
Family: Unknown, raised by Odin Lowe the assasin who killed the real Heero Yuy
Eyes: Prussian Blue (Sea Blue)
Hair: Brown
Height: 156cm
Weight: 45kg

L1 is the colony where Heero grew up.  L2, L3, L4, and L5 are the colonies where the other pilots are all from (Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei).  The colony number coresponds with their mobile suit numbers given to them by OZ, L1-01, L2-02, ect.  Dr J, Professor G, Doctor S, Insturctor H, Master O- The people who designed, built the Gundams, and trained Heero and the other G-boys..

All the Gundam info is from Ban Dai's Gundam Wing Trading Cards #'s 11, 28, 29, & 30, The Wing Gundam's info is incomplete because I don't have cards 10 and 12
Wing Gundam:Wing Gundam
The pilot is Heero Yuy.  This Gundam can transform into a bird shape, and it boasts of being highly maneuverable.  In addition, it is also comparatively unrestricted in water.  Of the five Gundams, this one has the highests general utility.  It was gravely damaged by Heero's self-destruct move, but afterwards the Gundam fell into the hands of Zechs, and was rebuilt.  It was piloted by a variety of people thereafter, but it was finally showered by fire from the armaments of Libra, and was destroyed.

Wing Gundam Zero:
Wing Gundam ZeroModel #- XXXG-00W0
Head Height-16.7 meters
Base Weight- 8.0 tons
Armor Materials- Gundanium Alloy
Standard Armament-
Twin Buster Rifle
Beam Saber x 2
Machine Cannon x 2
Wing Vulcan x 2
Ability Levels-
Fighting- 150
Weapons- 150
Speed- 160
Power- 140
Armored- 140

The pilot is Heero Yuy.  The machine was designed 15 years ago, but the plans were sealed because it was so dangerous.  However, Quatre completed the machine based on the data left by Professor H.  it is equipped with a Zero System, and depending on the ability of the pilot, the pilot's awareness becomes swalloed up in battle.  In addition, it is said that the machine shows the future to the person who rides it.
The wings that it spreads are it's greatest characteristic.  The flight speed is increaded dramatically because of Vernier engines.  The twin buster rifle has more than twice the destructive force of the Wing Gundam buster rifle, and it can be divided into two seperate rifles.
Wing Zero Custom
Wing Zero Custom was his Gundam from Endless Waltz (the movie that came after the show).  It sported large white wings, but otherwise was about the same as Wing Zero.

Heero and Relena met when he was forced to leave Wing Gundam in the sea and he washed up on shore.  Relena had been walking home from the airport, and saw his body lying there.  When she took of his helmet and he woke up, he stood up and covered his face, but she'd already seen.  The paramedics arrived and Heero ran up the stairs, crashed in the window of the ambulance, and drove off.  Relena watched it drive off and introduced herself.  "My name is Relena Dorlan.  What's yours?" (dub)
Later they met again when he shows up in her class at school and turns out to be a new student there.  As time goes on she finds out about Heero being a Gundam pilot.  When he is supposed to kill her because she knows, he ends up saving her from harm instead.  Heero and her form a bond which survives even though they both disagree on how peace is to be achived, through fighting, or total pacifism.

Ban Dai Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Trading Cards
#13 (Memorial Shots) Relena & Heero
Heero believes in fighting for peace, while Relena advocates total pacifism.  Respecting tose differences, they have been somehow supporting each other.  Believing that as long as Relena remains alive, peace would return to Earth, Heero has decided to topple Zechs and Treize once and for all, even if he has to sacrifice himself to do so.  Relena tries desperately to talk him out of the senseless fight since she doesn't want to lose him.  But Heero is simply too resolute, and she can't help but see him off to the battle.
#36 (Endless Waltz Memorial Shot) Heero & Relena
Concerned about Relena's safety, Heero turns up at the underground shelter beneath the Unified Nations Government-General compound.  She gently embraces him after Heero falls down exhausted, having seen the crisis has ended and that Relena is safe.  This might be the last moment of their feeling peaceful together since they will never see each other again after this conflict.

I call him the Perfect Angel because his nickname, is The Perfect Soldier.  This is because he is dedicated enough to his missions that he is prepared to kill himself in order to complete them.

Friends and Enemies:
The Gundam Pilots:
Duo Maxwell- The God of Death/The Great Destroyer/The Great Shinigami (whichever you prefer)- The pilot of Deathscythe (02).  A friendly and happy person he is confused by almost everything that Heero does.  His specilty is in suprise attacks and infitration using a kind of cloaking system on his Gundam.
Trowa Barton- The Sad Clown- The pilot of Heavy Arms (03). A quiet and reserved young man who does not fear death as all of the other Gundam pilots.  Best described as stoic, "Huh?  What's this?  THose sparkels.  They're my tears."  His tears suprised him because he never cries or laughs.  His Gundam is called Heavy Arms for a reason, his weapons consist of a machine gun and various missles.
Quatre Raberba Winner- The Desert Prince- The pilot of Sandrock (04).  A kind-hearted person who hates fighting.  His family is known throughout the colonies for peace, and so when he took the job a Gundam pilot he was disowned.  Sandrock's main weapons are two curved blades that are thrown or used in hand to chop.
Chang Wufei- The Lone Dragon- The pilot of Nataku. (first the Shenlong and then the Altron) (05)  He is a lone dragon who goes off on his own and prefers not to battle side by side with the other Gundams.  He refuses to battle weak people or women.  Nataku's main weapons are the two arms that extend out and crush into thier target and which can also spew fire.  It also has a staff with a three pronged energy blade at the end.
Wufei, Duo, Heero, Quatre, and Trowa

Relena Peacecraft/Relena Darlin- The daughter of the ruler of the Sank Kingdom, a peace loving country destroyed by the Alliance (or was it the Romefeller Foundation?) for refusing to join, she was adopted by Senator Darlin as a baby.  When he is assinated by Colonel Une he tells her that she is really the daughter of the Peacecrafts.  From then on she takes it into her hands to follow the peaceful teachings of her father, (after she tires to kill Lady Une).  Over time she re-establishes the Sank Kingdom, becomes Queen of the Earth (World Nation), and tries to talk her brother, Milliardo, out of his attacks against Earth.

Milliardo Peacecraft (Zechs Merquise, Lightning Count)- The older brother of Relena, he becomes part of OZ under the false name of Zechs Merquise.  He is considerd by Treize Khushrenada, and everyone else in OZ, to be the best fighter.  He comes into possession of the Tall Geese, a Gundam prototype, and discovers a system similar to the Zero System.  It causes him to have a heart attack, but he refuses to give up and soon conquers it.  As time goes on he goes between the roles of Milliardo Peacecraft, the peacemaker, and Zechs Merquise, the fighter.  When he gets Epyon from Heero and gives him Zero he is taken into a compromise of the two.  He rationalizes that in order to gain peace you must destroy the Earth and battle.  He then becomes leader of the White Fang, a group of people from the colonies who rebel against Earth, and uses the Libra space battleship to attack the Earth.
Treize Khushrenada- The leader of OZ who belives that a human's life precious.  When Heero is fighting at the base where Treize is, and his Wing Gundam is damaged, he goes and meets with him.  Treize then gives him the Epyon, a suit with the Zero System in it.  After Treize takes control of the World Nation from Relena he takes mobile suits to space to combat Milliardo and the White Fang.
Lucrezia Noin- A trained OZ fighter she fights beside Zechs until he sends her to protect Relena.  She is loyal and loving, and does her best.  She follows Relena and gives her advice and protection, even if she doesn't wish her to fight in order to protect her, Noin does so any way.  She seems to prefer a white Tauros suit.
Colonel Une/Lady Une- She is the loyal follower of Treize who tries to do her best at what he assigns her to do, such as destroy the Gundams.  When he sent her as the ambassador to the colonies she developed split personalities.  The Colonel who batlled for OZ, and the Lady who didn't belive in fighting as the way for peace.  She is shot and belived to be dead, but we then see her in a stasis chamber.  She is awoken and helps Trieze lead Earth against the colonies.  When he is killed she gives the order that the Earth surrenders and that once all their mobile suits returned they were to be destroyed.
Noin, Treize, Lady Une, Milliardo

Dr. J, Dr. H, Professor - They created the Gundams, trained the pilots, and gave the boys their missions and orders.  Doctor J trained Heero, Professor G trained Duo, Doctor S trained Trowa, Insturctor H trained Quatre, and Master O trained Wufei.
Doctor S, Master O, Doctor J, Instructor H, and Professor G