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Mrs. Wielechowski's words and tid-bits of Roman antiquity

words (A) and tid-bits of Roman antiquity (B)
1. A) Incipere, incipis- to begin, you begin
B) Barbarian- (barba-beard) bearded men, barbary area
Sibyl- women with the power to forsee, oracle

2. A) Scientia est potestas- Knowledge is power
Abusus non tollit usum- Abuse of something does not take away the use of it
B) Ludi- schools (scholae- school), at a neighbor's house, teachers were Greek slaves

3. A) Ad impossible nemo tenetur- No one can be held to the impossible
B) Ficto- can change masculine to feminine
Papa- first it meant baby food, then father who gave the food, then teacher, then spiritual leader (Pope)
Apicius- wrote cook books, and started a glutton (a pig) school

4. A) Amor omnia vincit- Love conquers all
B) Parsley- fed to horses before a race so they'd run faster
Onions- gave strength
Pepper- very valuble

5. A) Ars longa, vita brevis- Art is long, life is short (Horace)
B) salt- meat, water, salt for meanls as soldiers, got as a salary, salt comes from salary because it was their pay
mustard- used in medicine, to wake up

6. A) Audi alteram partem- Hear the other part, hear the other side (St. Augustine)
Tolle et lege- Pick-up and read
B) Mental problems- go on a sea voyage to throw them up
Contagious diseases- quarentine for 40 days
Dentistry- to the barber, drill teeth and fill with silver or gold
Ink sav- to treat gungreen and burns

7. A) Aut non tentaris, aut perfice- Either you don't try something or complete it (Ovid), If a task is once begun never leave it till it's done
B) Auspices- watched the flight of birds to tell the future
Haurispices- sacrificed animals (usually sheep), pulled out entrails and tell the future

8. A) Cato esse quem videri bonus malebat- Cato prefered to be good rather than to seem to be good. (Sallust)
B) wreaths- announced death or birth in home
Lemuria- feast, pater familias (head of the family) took 9 black beans into his mouth and went through the house spitting them into rooms to ward off ghosts
Engagement- no love, prearranged, guys could get out but girls couldn't

9. A) Crede quod habes, et habes- believe that you have something and you have it
B) weddings- 14 year old girl, 16 year old guy, June because Juno was the goddess of marriage and it was her month, bride wore a plain white tunic with a red veil and 6 sectioned hair to represent the 6 tribes of Rome, the man wore a tunic and a wreath
"Ubi tu Gaius, ego gaia"- Wherer you are Gaius (or any name), I am Gaia (femine form)

10. A) Non est disputandum de guste- Don't argue about taste

11. A) De minimus non curat lex- the law does not care about little things
B) Patricians- upper class, served in senate (Patricia, Patrick)
Plebes- don't have full rights of citizenship, conqured people or migrated
Equites- a knight, upper middle class, had to have enough money to buy a horse
Actors- low contempt because the plays were baudy and risce comedies

12. A) De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum.- Concerning two evils, the lesser must always be selected, between a rock and a hard place, damned if you do damned if you don't
B) Togas- long rectangles of wool (20 ft), cut: 
Praetexta- trimed with purple, worn by magestrates (people who hold office) and young boys under 16
Virilis- manhood, ceremony at 16, pure white
Pulla- grey, in mourning, 1 full year
Sordida- dirty, beggars
Purpurea- all purple, royalty, emporer
Candida- (canidate) white with chalk all over to make it bright in the sun, when running for office
Breakfast- bread, fruit, milk or water
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- all out
Meat- chicken or fish
Vegtables- onions, cabbage, ect., no potatoes or rice
Dessert- fresh fruit, feild mice dipped in honey swallowed whole, oysters in honey without the shell
Eggs- ate alot of

13. A) Dubitando ad veritatem pervenimus- By doubting we arrive at the truth (Cicero)
B) Expressions of emotions:
Euge- good job
Hui- make fun of
Atat- afraid
Hem- get attention
Par- (equal) odds and even (rock paper)
Tamed rats- hitched to mini-wagons and raced
Spinning tops, roled hoops with a stick, and horsey with sticks
Falconry- falcons go after an object and bring it back
Wrestling- brutal
Boxing- no gloves, brass knuckles instead
Races- boat, foot, horse, swimming

14. A) Doctrina est ingenii naturale quoddam pabulum.- Learning is a certain natural food of the intelect
B) Postal service- had routes
Carrier pigeons- to send messages
Secret messages- shaved a slave's head, wrote the message on top, let the hair grow back, sent, recipient's then shaved his head to read it
Blonde hair- not normal, women loved to have it if they could, when the men captured people from across the alps they would cut off the blonde hair as a prize

Sodalis ille iucundus (3 times)
Nec quisquam dubitat (3 times)
Sodalis ille iucundus (3 times)
Nec quisquam dubitat (1 time)

For he's a jolly good fellow (3 times)
Which nobody can deny (3 times)
For he's a jolly good fellow (3 times)
Which nobody can deny (1 time)

15. A) Hominis est errare, insipientis preserverare.- To err is of man, and to perserver is not knowing. To make a mistake is human, and to continue in that mistake is the quality of a fool.
B) Cursus honorum- course of honor

Novus homo- first in the family to hold a public office
Black balling someone- a process to not include someone, voting- 2 piles of stones, white- for and black- against, they were placed in 2 urns to vote
Stone- calx, calcis (calculus- a little stone) math, calculate
Pantheon- (pan- all, theo- god: All the gods) uesd by the Catholics as a church, in the middle of Rome, domed with a hole in it, the oculus (eye)
When robbed at night you could kill them, but during the day you'd get in trouble
Dead- could not bury with gold or valubles, 7 flute players rather than 100, only 3 strips of purple because it was expensive

16. A) Homo proponit, sed deus disponit.- Man proposes, but God disposes.  Man says I'm gonna do this, but God decides. (Thomas á Kempis)
Dust thou art and to dust thou shall return.
B) Young men and beards- let it grow until age 20 and then shaved and presented to the household gods, from then on shaved, if in mourning let it grow for 6 months-1 year
Nomenclator-a man who stood next to the important people (consul or senator) and told who they were shaking hands with was and a fact about them whwn greeting people in large lines
Campus Martius- Mars' field, ages 17-50 were called to sign up for the legion, there were supposedly 6,000 men in each one but really only 3,600

17. A) Honestum non est semper quod lilcet.- a law- What is permitted doesn't necessarily mean it's the right thing to do.
B) Secret weapons- they would light huge bonfires and the wind would blow the smoke into the enemy's face
set little pigs on fire after covering them in oil and send them running toward the enemy
One way streets- Caesar made them because it was so crowded

18) Honor est praeemium virtutis.- Honor is the reward of virtue. (Cicero)
B) Streets were named after the trades that were there (kinfe street, butcher street, ect.)
Signs for shops were on the sidewalk in mosaics because not everyone could read
A plaedestra was a timer like an hourglass but with water
Lawers used them when they got 15 mins to talk in court
Cloaca maxima- great sewer (not as in sewing, but as in waste removal), streched from the Forum to the Tiber

19. A) Incipere est multo quam impetrare facilius.- If you start something finish it. (Plautus) (If a task is once begun never leave it till it's done.)
B) Caligula-insane, name means 'little boot', he created a thunder machine because he thought he was Zues
Nero- He didn't play the fiddle as Rome burned but he did want a newer, bigger house so he had the city burned, the new house was called Casa Aurea, as much gold as possible was used, after he died it feel apart, they culit the Coleseum on it so it was now public property, they found the golden statue of him that was once in front of the house and pput it mostly back together recently

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