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The Secret Angel
The Secret Angel

Age: 15
Birthday: 12 Moon (April 12)
Birthplace: Fanelia, Gaea
Family: father- dead, mother- dead, older brother- Folken- allied with the enemy
Position: The king of Fanelia and pilot of the Escaflowne
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 51 kg

Fanelia is the kindom that Van is the king of.  Gaea is the world where he lives.  It's a mirror to the Earth.  Those on Earth can't see Gaea but those on Gaea can see the Earth and they call it The Mystic Moon. Asturia is the country where Van and Hitomi go to after they flee from Fanelia.  The Zaibach Empire is the group who is trying to take control of Gaea.  Emporer Dornkirk is the learder Zaibach, the one who rescued Folken, and he wants to control the future.  The Dragon Slayers are the group that Emporer Dornkirk sent out to destroy the dragon that he kept seeing in his visions of the future, that's why the go after Van because Escaflowne is that dragon.  Balgus was his tutor and protecter when he was growing up.

Dragon EscaflowneVan pilots the Escaflowne.  A Guymeluf that can only be piloted by those that the king of Fanelia.  It's powered by an energist/the dragon's heart that Van got.
The Escaflowne can also turn into a dragon, allowing it to fly.

Van and Hitmoi met when he suddenly appeared to her while she was running a race.  He was trying to kill a dragon to get it's heart so he could become king of Fanelia.  (His father had died and Folken had disappeared without a trace.)

Van's motherI call him the secret angel because he has white wings that no one was to know about. You see his mother, Varie(message 139), married the king of Fanelia and she was a Draconian, a race that has white wings like angels.  Since Draconians were feared because they supposedly had destroyed Atlantis, Van, his mother, and his brother (Folken) all had to hide the fact that they had them.

Friends, Family, and Enemies:
Hitomi Kanzaki- a girl from th Mystic Moon (Earth) who was a high school track runner.  She had a crush on a guy there, Amano, and a best friend, Yukari.  She first saw Van in a vision when she was running a race.  In front of her she saw him as a ghostly shadow, ran though him, then fainted.  When she woke up Yukari was there and so was Amano.  Then later she saw him again and this time she was taken back with him, leaving her two friends behind.
Van and Hitomi seem to be linked through Escaflowne and a pendant that she has that was her grandmother's.  The pendant is thought to be made from an energist.
She has the ability to tell the future using her tarot cards and this pendant.

Merle- she grew up with Van.  This cat-girl is very jealous of the attention that Van gives to Hitomi, and very protective of "Lord Van".

Folken Fanel- Van's older brother.  He was originally to become king when thier father died, but when he went to get a dragon's heart he was defeated an lost his arm.  He was never heard from and Van's mother died looking for him.
Suddenly, Van discovers that he's working forZaibach, the ones that destroyed Fanelia.

Allen Shezar- He is a knight of Caeli, the army of Asturia, who takes Van and Hitomi in when they are forced to run from Fanelia where Zaibach has destroyed everything.

Dilandau Albatou- The leader of the Dragon Slayers who seems to have an absurd hatred of Van.
Dilandau and two of his Dragon Slayers