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Mr. Hollar's daily words and phrases 2

1. Recant- to take back, rethink position
Arte perire sua- To perish by your own devices, to do something to cause your own downfall

2. Erratic- unpredictable
Res nihili- Things of no importance

3. Mendacious- untruthful, lier
A passe as esse- From the possible to the reality.  From the drawing board to production.

4. Precipice- high, steep ledge
Sine mora- without delay

5. Ineffable- to bad to be spoken
Honoris causa- for the cause of honor

6. Chicanery- deciet
Radix malorum- root of evil

7. Impervious- impenatrable, don't notice, unaffected, can't be upset or hurt, stoic
Res gestae- related matters, relevant

8. Unflappable- calm and collected, can't be upset, keeps cool, always ready
Non disputandum gustibus- don't dispute personal taste

9. Gandiloquent- very ornate, trys to impress, speaker
Dis aliter visum- it seemed otherwise to the gods, opposite of what you expected

10. Bucolic- rural, country like
Inter homunculus- homunculus with in, inner homunculus (inner person, inside everyone, conscience)

11. Maleficium- an evil deed
Quantum meruit (or sufficit)- As much as deserved, as much as is necessary, just enough

12. Quagmire- swamp, bog, a place where you can get lost
Non licet- not permistted, not allowed, prohibited

13. Fetter-v- to bind, to chain someone, to hold back
Absit invidia- absence of ill-will, no harm intended
Adsit invidia- intended harm

14. Cacophony-n- grating noise, doesn't seem to flow, city noises, mixture of noises, irritating
De profundis- out of the depths

15. Euphony-n- harmony of noises, orchestra, blend to make a nice sound
Bene merenti- to those who deserve it well, reward or punishment to those who who deserve it

16. Opulent-v- to be very wealthy
Opulence-n- wealth
Lex domicli- law of your household
Carthago delenda est- Carthage must be destroyed (Cato- famous Roman senator)

17. Latent- something that's there but can't be seen, dormant, repressed, latent talents
Brutum fulmen- a false thunderbolt, big bark but no bite, much ado about nothing, big front

18. Incorrigible- unable to be corrected, or straightened out
Ars longa, vita brevis- art is long, life is short, art will outlive(last longer than) people

19. Bailiwick- all within your authority, under your power
Dies irae- the day of wrath, the day of final judgement

20. Insipid-adj- dull, tasteless, unexciting
Viva voce- with a living voice, say it orally, out loud

^_^ That's it from Mr. Hollar ^_^