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Learn Latin:

Sure, I speak a little Latin.

Here are some pages that are notes I took in class...
Mr. Hollar's daily words and phrases
(My normal teacher, he hurt his knee and couldn't walk so we had Mrs. W for a bit)

Mr. Hollar's daily words and phrases 2
(since he came back he started over at one, rather than at one hundred and one, this list is done more words)

Mrs. Wielechowski's words and tid-bits of Roman antiquity
(Yea she's gone!  Finally Mr. Hollar's back)

Fun Latin Quotes

Glacius the God of Snow and Ice
A story that I wrote to explain something that the original myths didn't.  It's actually not really good but I got an A, so it's fine with me.  It does assume that you know who Demeter, Poseidon, and Persephone are, and Persephone's story.