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About this site:
Konnichiwa! Welcome to my shrine dedicated to Van Fanel and Heero Yuy.  Here you will find all the information I can give you about these awesome (not to mention kawaii) bishonen.
Begun: April 1st, 2001
Author: Ami Yuy, find out more about me here.
Contact me at: (yes it's Latin too ^^ it means ice horse)

Questions that might occur to you while viewing this site:
I know Van has white wings, but I've never seen Heero with any. How'd you get the title?
Well if you think about it he does.  You see in Endless Waltz Heero's Gundam, Wing Zero Custom, has white wings.  Also I've seen a few doujinshi (fan artist mangas) pictures of Heero with wings...such as the one on the top of his page.  And since I was going to make a shrine just to Van I decided to make it for both of them.

Where'd you get the info for all this?
Well, off the shows, and other websites.  I've only seen about 5 Escaflowne shows, but that was enough to get me hooked, so I've researched it online.  For Gundam Wing I've seen all the shows at least 2 times each...some maybe even 3, 4, or maybe even 5 times...sick I know.  Alot of the specific info is from other websites or for Gundam maybe even my cards.

What language is the title in?
It's in Latin, and since I'm taking Latin 1 right now (when this page was created), I thought it would be cool to use it for the title of one of my websites.

Cool, so how can I learn Latin?
Well I'm by no means an expert, but I have posted up some fun phrases and English words that are based on Latin, that my teacher gives us everyday.

I want to know more Japanese, where do I go?
Well for this specific purpose I have a page on my Sailor Moon site.  I have some commonly used phrases used in the Anime world and some other fun ones, so go check it out here.

How'd you make this site?
Well actually I made it with Netscape Composer, copied the HTML, and then posted it on Geocities. Once Geocites made it harder for everyone to visit, I transfered all the pages to Tripod and now edit the HTML by hand.